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Welcome to Satya Agarbatti Stores

Sunil Gupta is the owner of the company. He is a single proprietor firm.his firm established 2008. He is well qualified person. He is done vipassana course which is included adhyamik course and also done reiki at 3rd level. His company try doing business all over India. He is trading business online and offline. Now he has established the company logo in 2011. He is selling all types of products with reasonable prices like low , medium and high range. His business is very convenient. It’s provided  B2C facilities also. He is selling all types of products such as agarbatti,dhoop stick,kapoor, puja oil etc. He is also start selling self made products..  He is directly selling to the customer. He does not hire any mediator, agent and broker. He directed sales to customers and brought them through the company.


He has 15 years experience. His company gives fast results. If our company launches new products he sells direct  to customers. Our company is located in Maharashtra. Our company is a manufacturer and retailers, distributor. We are providing large varieties of products of the highest quality with lowest price. Such fragrance and variants will boost the agarbatti and dhoop sticks market in India. We purchased 80% from a direct company so that gives you the very cheapest rate.

We give you fresh goods at high speed.of we are selling.if we are selling goods to others and brokers they reach four -five places and get damaged. If you sell directly to customers so less damage we face. Customers give responses quickly. In this industries he is bear 15 years or more . Sunil gupta has been awarded the 3rd  degree of reiki . Sunil gupta is attend vipassana (medication) two times for consecutive days .where purchasing good many cities such as bangalore,chennai, Mumbai, mysore, Ahmedabad,  chandigarh and amravati.we are also distributes some major other companies. We eliminated the middle men so we bought directly from the company and sold to the customer.

Our company is well specialized  in trade in incense sticks and dhoop our offline store where we distributed 200 types agarbatti and dhoop. We have  many years experience making or producing agarbatti for more than decade. Now we are the biggest distributor , wholesalers and retailers on dahanu road in Maharashtra.

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